DuraNetTM  Basketball Nets

"THE" American made net! SM

Outdoor and/or indoor basketball nets.



 If you want outdoor basketball nets that last for years then these are for you! "THE GOOD STRONG BLACK NETS" that's what customers tell us all the time. American made nets! BUY AMERICAN and know what you are getting.

Model 1

Model 3

Model 3 has double material on the verticals and an open arched bottom for a better swish.

City, County, and State Park systems have been using our nets for years, there must be a good reason? 

As one of our customers put it:

"Finally, a basketball net that lasts! In great pleasure that I recommend DuraNets."

Indoor, outdoor, schools, parks, churches, homes, correctional institutions, DuraNetTM Basketball Nets could be the last net you put up!   They last that long.  Some have been up 10 YEARS!

Nets that save YOU time and money!

You don't have to keep replacing damaged nets, "put them up and forget it" that's what the customers say.

Thank you for buying American!

Buy the real deal, the nets we invented and others have copied.  Our nets last and last.  If you have tried the copies please give us a shot there is a real difference.  Here is an American made basketball net made in the U.S.A.  You won't find our nets in any catalog.   Ours aren't made off shore in Taiwan or China.  Our quality American manufacturing can't be beat.  The nets are black in color.

                                                 Model 3

THINK SAFETY: DuarNetTM basketball nets open design helps eliminate players from getting their fingers, hands, and wrists entangled in the net. No one else can claim that. With DuraNetTM Basketball Nets you get a product that you can feel good about. Years of service, American Made the way things use to be. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you.

 Some have been up for 10 years and still work!

Nets come with two sets of "S" hooks one set for single rims and one for double rims.

For orders please call 1-800-977-0671 and/or email

Please do NOT fax we don't have one, just call and/or email.

We're sorry that we no longer accept credit cards.

We do take P.O.s from Municipalities and/or will ship prepaid orders.